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Shutters have been used as an adjustable window covering for centuries. The look is clean and the design is functional. Opened louvers allow high light penetration. Adjusting the louvers varies the light penetration down to full closure. Shutters provide a finished look .

Considering Shutters for your home? Let me help educate you on the benefits of Thermalite Shutters. Thermalite is made of an extruded foam. Thermalite is a 100 percent non toxic solid material designed to be unaffected by the weather.

 Shutters can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Plantation shutters can be installed on a lanai or used around a pool for privacy.

Thermalite Shutters were designed for the most particular wood shutter customer. They truly look and feel just like wood. Even people in the industry have a hard time telling the difference.

 Thermalite Shutters have an exclusive reinforced louver. This reinforced louver will allow you to go up to a thirty-eight inch panel.

We also offer  Ultra Clear shutters. Ultra Clear plantation shutters have eliminated the tilt bar altogether. Ultra Clear plantation shutters have an invisible internal mechanism that allows you to adjust all of your louvers by simply touching one.

 Ultra Clear shutters can be divided into as many different sections as you would like. Perhaps just two sections to allow the bottom to be closed for privacy and the top left open for light, perhaps more. Really, the possibilities are endless.