Custom made interior poly-shutters just about any shape, any size and many finishing options. We use CNC machine to cut any 2D shape and 3D shapes, precision machined parts for manual or motorized interior poly-shutters. From CAD drawing to perfect poly-shutter. Poly Shutters doesn't warp, crack, or peel, great for any room in the house,can handle moisture and humidity much better than wood shutters, bathroom and shower shutters should be poly shutters or certain wood such as Teak and IPE wood. Poly shutters are fabricated just like the wood shutters, differences is the substrate wood vs. non wood solid engineered cellular pvc. Poly shutters insulate better than the wood shutters does, life expectancy much longer than the wood shutters. Our poly-shutters has water base baked on finish since the substrate is not wood, there is no internal pressure against paint finish or cracking. • Any Color •Any Size •Any Shape Poly Shutters louver sizes 2 1/2"., 3 1/2", 4 1/2" Poly shutters are an economical way to get great look shutters in your home. We motorized our shutters. Motorized shutters can be controlled by wall switch , remote control , any smart-phone, any computer over internet thanks to z wave technology. Most of our products can be motorized. Not only louvers can be motorized but we can also shutters/doors to move by motor(s) weather it is bi-fold or straight sliding system. Shutters have been used as an adjustable window covering for centuries. The look is clean and the design is functional. Opened louvers allow high light penetration. Adjusting the louvers varies the light penetration down to full closure. Shutters provide a finished look. Shutters can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Plantation shutters can be installed on a lanai or used around a pool for privacy, control air flow. Reinforced poly louvers width up to a thirty-eight inch panel for interior, for exterior single shutter width can be as wide as 60" with aluminum louvers. We also offer Ultra Clear shutters. Ultra Clear plantation shutters have eliminated the tilt bar altogether. Ultra Clear plantation shutters have an invisible internal mechanism that allows you to adjust all of your louvers by simply touching one. Ultra Clear shutters can be divided into as many different sections as you would like. Perhaps just two sections to allow the bottom to be closed for privacy and the top left open for light.