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Retractable Awning, Veranda Awning and Screens Solar exterior Shades

We custom make exterior screen/shades with guided track and with stainless steel cable guided system. Our motorized exterior shades can be controlled by remote control, walswitches and optional Z-wave motor control, system can be controledfrom anywhere in the world by smartphone, ipad, ipod and by any computer.


Introducing Roll-up Clear Vinyl screen manual or motorized.

Screens/ Shades and Awning will lower your energy bills and it will improve appearance.


Solar Screens/ Shades, Insect Screens

Cable guided screens


Stainless steel cable guided shades/screen with optional center support cable(s) where it may be required for very wide openings. With our unique system , shades/screen can be built literally any width.


Awning and screens can be operated in ways that include manual, motorized
remote-controlled operation.


Z-wave controlled shades and shutters


Our awning and screens retain their original high quality for years to come

Now you can add  privacy and insulation to your home at the touch of a button. Motorized awning and solar screen provide an instant "safety shield" to the exterior windows and doors of your home when you desire and conveniently roll up and out of sight at the simple push of a button.
Motorized awnings are a highly functional product, protecting your home or office against sun, as well as providing added insulation to your windows and doors -- plus instant privacy when you want it.
 They reduce heat gain and air conditioning costs in the summer and keep out the cold to reduce heating costs in the winter. You can save even more, because motorized awning and solar screen help protect your carpet and furniture from sun fading -- indoors or out, on a balcony or lanai. So you can decorate as you desire and everything will remain bright and beautiful year after year.
Handsome designs complement your exterior decor without hiding your windows. Rugged construction protects and insulates, while SOMFY motors assure easy and dependable operation.
SOMFY's electric motors are fully contained within the roller tube of your awning and solar screen for a clean, concealed installation that blends right into the lines of your home. And they're sealed, too, so they require no maintenance at all for years of trouble-free service.
SOMFY gives you finger-tip control to raise and lower awning and solar screen of any size with utmost ease, or to control several shutters -- even a whole house full of them -- from a single push-button switch.

The installation of roller screen and awning offers additional comfort in any home. They can alter the shading of your room and offer complete privacy whenever you desire.  In summer, they’ll keep your home cooler, by reducing glare and heat from the sun.

With the addition of a Somfy motor and control system to operate your roller screen and awning, you can add convenience to comfort. Our motors and controls have been developed specially for the automation of roller screen and awning for your home so you can choose a system that suits your specific needs.

In order to enjoy your conservatory to the full, it is important to give careful consideration to your solar protection equipment.

Several points are worth spending some time on to get them just right. At midday, at the height of summer, the temperature in a conservatory can reach more than 95° F. If the conservatory is made of glass or cellular material, it will suffer from the “greenhouse effect”.

How can you control the greenhouse effect?

If this effect is noticeable in winter, it presents significant drawbacks in spring and summer, as soon as the nice weather comes. In order to maintain the interior of a conservatory at a pleasant temperature, you need to be able to modify the penetration of the sun’s rays according to climatic conditions. For this reason, making good use of the sun’s energy by a conservatory is largely dependent on the effectiveness of the roofing and windows.

Sunlight generates heat in a room, especially in south and west-facing rooms. Solar screens, Awnings, by shading the exterior windows and doors, cut the light before it enters the room, which can reduce interior heat by 77% (the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers or ASHRAE). Reducing the heat in a room with retractable awnings can reduce air conditioning use – and energy bills – by almost 25%.


Awning and solar screens provides the solution.

Our customers will now get much greater pleasure from their conservatory. It is the link between the house and garden, and a favoured place for a better quality of life…


The design of its “Conservatory blind” fits all styles of conservatory. Whether they are in aluminum or wood, the mountings and fixing are simplified and especially designed to attach to a conservatory’s aluminum profiles or to its wooden cross-members (wooden conservatories)

FOR Sun protection!!!
For your house...
For your business...


Clear vinyl screen

Clear Vinyl Screen
Clear Vinyl Screen
Clear Vinyl Screen
Maximum width 34'1" maximum projection 13'
Maximum width 25' maximum height 16'
Maximum width 16' maximum projection 15'

Maximum width 52'6" maximum projection13' 9"

     4 spans combined total width = 52'6"

Maximum width 14'9" maximum projection13' 9"

Sensors and Timers

Eolis wind sensor
The Eolis sensor provides protection for your awnings by automatically retracting the awning whenever strong winds are detected. Highly recommended for all awnings as the Eolis offers constant protection – even when you are not home. Available in wired or RTS versions.

Eolis Sensor RTS

Soliris sun and wind sensor
Your awning reacts automatically to the weather. As soon as the sun comes out, it extends automatically, and your patio and rooms are shaded and remain cool. Maximum convenience! Also, if strong winds threaten, your awning retracts automatically.

Soliris Sensor RTS

A wall mounted control switch that offers the choice of individual, group or master control according to your needs. Also available as RTS version.

Centralis Uno IB

An individual wall mounted controller equipped with a memory function. It can be programmed to memorize and operate one up and one down function per day. EG open the shutters at 7am every day.

Memoris Uno

Memory and intelligence. Program your solar screen & retractable awning to open or close at different times.

Chronis Uno

From a complex system controlling all the solar screen & solar shades in your entire home, down to a single motor operating a solar screen for a single window or door. And with a choice of push button or remote control, Somfy gives you the power to deploy the solar screen smoothly and effortlessly within a matter of seconds. There’s no labor intensive work trying to pull down the solar screen. Just press a button or turn a key and enjoy effortless control time after time. When not in use, your solar screen can automatically be stored away discreetly, quickly and smoothly. Additionally, more sophisticated control systems are available, which can be pre-programmed to open and close your solar screen at specific times, making your home as energy efficient  as possible.
We are not just a manufacturer of awning and solar screen. We're a full service company.
We design, measure, manufacture, install, and provide after-sales warranty.
UV protection.

Fl Shutters is located in Orlando FL, We design,manufacture and optional installation service in Florida, we ship everywhere. We can be contacted on the web , Phone 407 850 9998 , Phone 813 229 2222 , 407 856 0977, e-mail Our address is 3713 Vineland Rd, Orlando Fl 32811 US Florida Orlando Tampa Ocala Daytona Windermere Sanford Winter park The villages Titusville St petersburg Longwood



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