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We manufacturer for the most demanding, our flexible fabrication capabilities enable us to fabricate shutters form different materials such as different wood species, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cellular pvc and more. Our experience and capabilities in fabrication of different materials enable us to deliver the products for the most demanding applications. Most of our products can be motorized. Not only louvers can be motorized but we can also shutters/doors to move by motor(s) weather it is bi-fold or straight sliding system. Teak shutter is one of the best choice of wood species for outdoor and marine application. Teak shutter is very stable against weather. Teak shutter can be built as a shutter door, sliding shutter door, bi fold shutter door and sliding stacking system for maximum design flexibility. We also use other wood species such as IPE, mahogany, Cypress, cedar and some others for exterior application. Shutters have been used as an adjustable window covering for centuries. The look is clean and the design is functional. Opened louvers allow high light penetration. Adjusting the louvers varies the light penetration down to full closure. Shutters provide a finished look. Shutters can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Plantation shutters can be installed on a lanai or used around a pool for privacy, control air flow. Reinforced poly louvers width up to a thirty-eight inch panel for interior, for exterior single shutter width can be as wide as 60" with aluminum louvers. We also offer Ultra Clear shutters. Ultra Clear plantation shutters have eliminated the tilt bar altogether. Ultra Clear plantation shutters have an invisible internal mechanism that allows you to adjust all of your louvers by simply touching one. Ultra Clear shutters can be divided into as many different sections as you would like. Perhaps just two sections to allow the bottom to be closed for privacy and the top left open for light, perhaps more

Different types of mesh fabric options are available for Retractable screen . The operation of the screens is manually or motorized. Motorized retractable screen are ideal for large doors or openings for easier opening and closing. Motorized retractable exterior screen absorb heat, reduce glare and block the sun, provide rain protection, reduce wind speed to create your ideal ambiance. Motorized retractable screen provide a comfortable interior by blocking solar rays, which protects your furnishings, reduces glare and also saves money on cooling costs. Motorized exterior screens can also be used in places such as windows, doors, and especially larger openings in porch to create a pleasant and pest-free outdoor area to enjoy. We use one of the best material available which is designed for use in exterior applications like awnings, shade-sails, blinds, canopies and lightweight tensile structures, Soltis® and Précontraint® 502 exceed performance criteria around the world.

Fl Shutters is located in Orlando FL, We design and manufacture custom manual, motorized facade screen.

Specifiers and building professionals alike have come to rely on Ferrari® textiles for the following reasons: • Innovative treatments for higher energy performance • Green-guard® Certification: Indoor Air Quality™ and Children & School™ • Excellent long-term performance in all climates • Unsurpassed dimensional stability • New color range coordinated with other Ferrari® products • Lightweight and thin textiles for a longer drop from smaller cases • 100 % recyclable Soltis® textiles have a micro-ventilation system that regulates the sun's heating effects. Placed on the outside of windows they absorb and reflect back up to 97% of the heat contained in the sun's rays. LowE: high energy performance Soltis® LowE references assist in increasing interior comfort in buildings by re-emitting less heat. The fabric thereby forms an additional passive cooling source, reducing air-conditioning energy consumption. Soltis® textiles make a strong contribution to reduced energy expenditure, allowing better cost control of the building. Made using the exclusive patented Précontraint® Ferrari® technology, Soltis® and Précontraint® 502 textiles are maintained under tension throughout the whole manufacturing cycle. The result of that is exceptional dimensional stability • perfect tensioning and finish • shape that is retained at installation and over time • long-lasting mechanical resistance • substantially extended lifespan • exceptional flexibility that ensures architectural freedom and ease of fitting • combination of strength in a thin profile and lightweight. We use the best material available with quality fabrication using RF welding for retractable screen. What is HF welding? High Frequency (HF) or Radio Frequency (RF) welding is the joining of materials by supplying HF energy in the form of an electromagnetic field (27.12 MHz) and pressure to the material surfaces to be joined. A generator produces the energy. The tool used to supply the energy is called an electrode. The electrical energy causes the molecules within the material to start moving, which generates heat that causes the material to soften and thereby fuse together. No outside heat is applied. It is instead generated within the material. After cooling the welded surface under maintained pressure, the material is fused and a weld has been created. The weld seam can be at least as strong as the surrounding material – or even stronger.

Fl Shutters is located in Orlando FL, We design,manufacture and optional installation service in Florida, we ship everywhere. We can be contacted on the web , Phone 407 850 9998 , Phone 813 229 2222 , 407 856 0977, e-mail Our address is 3713 Vineland Rd, Orlando Fl 32811 US