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Decorating Tips

1. Choose your style
Fortunately, Shutters will complement any style. Whether you love contemporary  or very traditional.

Shutters lend themselves to any decor.

You will need to decide on a louver size. The most popular is our three and a half inch louver. However, you can also chose from two and a half inch or as big as four and a half inch lovers. The bigger the louver, the more light will come inside when the shutters are open.

2. Decide on Function
How will you want to use your shutter. If privacy is of concern, consider going with a divider bar. This will allow you to open the top of the shutter while leaving the bottom closed for privacy.

Maybe you wish to be able to totally expose your sliding glass door, yet have the option to cover them if the need arises. If this is the case, you ,may want to chose our exclusive track system. We can wrap the track around the wall, allowing you to push the shutter completely out of the way when not in use.

Perhaps you want to add a bit of art to your room. You may choose to go with a stained glass insert. This will give you the beauty of a shutter with a bit of art to go along with it.

Whatever your need is - We can design a shutters to fill it.

3. Consider the type of mount

THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF MOUNTS. Inside mount-which is recessed into the window frame and Outside mount- which is outside the window frame.

For a truly custom look, you should choose an inside mount.

4. Color makes all the difference!
Shutters can be custom colored to any color you wish. Keep in in mind it is usually best to stick as neutral as possible when choosing the color of your shutters.

For a truly unique look, we can use a variety of faux finishes on your shutters.

We also offer a wide variety of stains to choose from on our Bass and Poplar wood shutters.


More decorating tips can be found at the web sites below:

plantation shutters


Plantation shutters

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Plantation shutters


Plantation shutters